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LZECU is celebrating Youth Month, a national event that teaches ans encourages kids to develop good financial habits. 

A 2017 national survey found that almost 60% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, and almost 40% had none.

So, if it’s hard for adults, how do you teach your children to save? By turning it into a habit. Studies show that habits formed when you are young tend to stick. It’s why you still brush your teeth every day – we hope!

The theme for this year’s Youth Month is “The Science of Saving,” Using fun, sci-fi-inspired characters, it encourages youngsters to imagine a future where piggy banks fly and giant automatic-saving robots visit credit unions.

robot and kids outside credit unionThe science in the theme is not science fiction – research shows that when you picture yourself in the future achieving a goal, like buying a car or going to college, saving for it becomes easier. 

Start small. Help them save for a toy they want. Then sign them up for a youth savings account where they save for far-off goals.

As your credit union, we want to help you teach your children to learn good financial habits. That's why during the month of April, every LZECU member age 12 and under is eligible to be entered into our drawing for a special prize. Enter by one of three ways:

  • Open a Lil' Atoms Account
  • Have your little one make a deposit at the credit union. (We'll have a free gift for every child who comes in!)
  • Post a picture on our Facebook page showing what your child is saving for and how they plan to achieve their goal. 

Together we can help them blast-off toward a bright and wondrous future.

How to open a youth account 

Parents, grandparents and other adult members can establish a life-long LZECU membership by opening a Lil' Atoms membership for their children 12 and under* with benefits such as:

  • Minimum $5 opening deposit
  • Educational Newsletters
  • Access to Lil' Atoms events throughout the year
  • Lil' Atoms Savers Card - Receive one punch per day when your child comes in to make a deposit into their Lil' Atoms account. When the card is complete, be entered into a quarterly drawing to win $50!

Open a Lil' Atoms membership

Apply for your child's LZECU membership online using their information or contact us for questions .
Apply Now

*Tax information for the account is reported under the child’s Social Security number with signed consent from parent. Only one custodian per account. Custodian is the only one with access to funds for all transactions. The minor cannot access the funds until age 21 without permission of the custodian.


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