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Figuring out the financial side of life is a tough road to follow but not to worry because LZECU is here for you! Through your membership, and our partnership with BALANCE we are proud to bring you FREE financial counseling! Financial education is part of everything BALANCE does, and they also offer a wide variety of financial education tools and resources as wells as Certified Financial Counseling. 

  • Access online resources to explore topics such as identity theft, budgeting and more
  • Navigate through financial topics according to Life Stages
  • Successes - Real Life, Real People 

BALANCE Core Programs

Debt and Budget Coaching

While there are hundreds of “debt counseling” organizations across the country, we are members of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and have agreed to quality standards that include accreditation, certification of counselors, audits and core policies that ensure quality service. We offer a Debt Management Plan, and are committed to providing comprehensive money management education and counseling.

To speak with a counselor, call toll-free 888-456-2227.
Monday–Thursday 7 AM–10 PM, Friday 7 AM–7 PM, Saturday 10 AM–7 PM (Central Time)

Debt Management Plan
Many of our clients work with their counselors to explore the option of a Debt Management Plan (DMP) for repayment of their unsecured debts. The DMP can offer lower interest rates, a cessation of certain fees, and lower required monthly payments. We work directly with your creditors on your behalf. Over the years, the plan has helped hundreds of thousands of people save millions of dollars and pay off debts, and move closer to their financial goals.

Please review our DMP disclosures.

Budget Counseling
Our counselors can review your current spending patterns, create a spending plan that allows you to take charge of your financial situation both month to-month basis and in the long term. They also discuss your financial goals and develop an action plan for overcoming challenges so you can achieve those goals.

Personal Financial Assessment Form
To design the most effective plan for becoming debt free, your counselor will need to know your monthly income and living expenses as well as how much you owe to each of your creditors. Prior to the session, we suggest you complete a Personal Financial Assessment so the session can be spent analyzing your information.

personal financial assessment

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Credit Report Review

Our counseling services range from money management to housing to debt management and everything in between. Our counselors are certified credit report reviewers and know their stuff. They are your financial gurus, here to give you the right guidance and support, whatever your financial situation.

To speak with a counselor, call toll-free 888-456-2227.
Monday–Thursday 7 AM–10 PM, Friday 7 AM–7 PM, Saturday 10 AM–7 PM (Central Time)

Credit Report Review
We can review your credit report and answer questions about credit scoring, building a strong credit history and correcting any inaccuracies that appear.  After the call, our counselors can provide additional education materials on an array of topics tailored to meet your needs.

You are entitled to a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each credit reporting company. You can request your your free credit report at

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Student Loan Coaching

Borrowing to pay for college is the easy part. Repaying the debt is much harder. To know which options are best for you, your career prospects and your budget, it helps to have access to an expert who can guide you through the complexity of the various programs, explain your options under each, and take into account the context of your financial circumstances. We speak the language of student loan financing fluently, and are ready to work with you in a one-on-one student loan counseling session.

To speak with a counselor, call toll-free 888-456-2227.
Monday–Thursday 7 AM–10 PM, Friday 7 AM–7 PM, Saturday 10 AM–7 PM (Central Time)

If you are already out of school, we will first review your current source(s) of income and then look at your student loan debt and any other outstanding debt you may have, such as a mortgage, car loan or credit card debt. If you are still in school or about to enroll, we will look at your financial circumstances—including those of your family, if appropriate—and discuss your expectations for the future to help guide you toward a program that will serve you going forward. Our student loan counselors will:

  • Conduct a thorough budget analysis of your income, expenses, and debt obligations.
  • Provide a comprehensive review of your federal student loans.
  • Evaluate which repayment and/or postponement options you may be eligible for.
  • Determine how to address defaulted student loans, if applicable.
  • Determine whether consolidation is a good option, if applicable.
  • Based on your cash flow and goals, we will provide recommendations for addressing federal student loans and specific next steps to get you started.

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Homeownership Coaching

Housing can be an overwhelming subject to tackle on your own, whether you are dreaming of owning your first home, or struggling to make mortgage payments on your current home. Our counselors are readily available to help you make sense of it all.

To speak with a counselor, call toll-free 888-456-2227.
Monday–Thursday 7 AM–10 PM, Friday 7 AM–7 PM, Saturday 10 AM–7 PM (Central Time)

Pre-Purchase Counseling
The first year of homeownership is often the most challenging. Our Pre-Purchase Counseling Program will help you prepare for the added expenses and responsibilities of owning a home, so you know what to expect, and where to turn for help. From setting a realistic household budget and reviewing credit reports, to explaining the home-ownership process and lending requirements, our counselors can help guide the way.

Foreclosure Prevention
We are a HUD-certified counseling agency and can make sure you know and understand all of your options, should you ever feel your financial situation threatens your home.

Reverse Mortgage Counseling
We help to educate seniors on the benefit, consequences, option and process of obtaining a home equity conversion mortgage, and enable them to make a more educated decision about whether this type of loan is right for them.

For more information about reverse mortgages, review our Guide to Reverse Mortgages.

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Rental Coaching

We offer free education on building credit and becoming a desirable tenant. Our specialized rental counselors will help you develop a personalized spending plan and provide you with advice for saving money, increasing income, and reducing debt. Our counselors will work with you to review:

  • Why credit matters
  • Calculating an affordable rent payment
  • Common landlord requirements
  • Understanding lease agreements
  • Basic tenant rights and affordable housing options

To speak with a counselor, call toll-free 1-888-456-2227.
Monday–Thursday 7 AM–10 PM, Friday 7 AM–7 PM, Saturday 10 AM–7 PM (Central Time)

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Bankruptcy Coaching 

We help clients that have trouble keeping up with bills and find themselves spiraling out of control with debt that seems impossible to repay. We are here to throw a lifeline, to help them get a handle on their debt, while creating a solution that can get them back to stability.

If you are facing bankruptcy, our counselors can provide you with required pre-filing and pre-discharge education and counseling. Our pre-filing bankruptcy education program is designed to help you explore all of your debt repayment options so that you can be fully informed before making this major financial decision. Our pre-discharge education program explores life after bankruptcy through such topics as how to rebuild credit, manage your money, and avoid future financial crises.

Step 1 - Self-Study Course
The first step  is an online self-study program and online budget worksheet designed to take 30–45 minutes to complete. If you are married and you and your spouse are both filing bankruptcy, you each must complete the online self-study program. Only one of you will need to complete the online budget worksheet.

Pre-filing Counseling

Step 2 -Counseling Session

Once you have completed the self-study and filled out the online worksheet, you will need to call toll-free 888-456-2227and press option 4 to schedule your pre-filing counseling session. Our counselors are available Monday–Thursday 5 AM–8 PM, Friday 5 AM–5 PM, Saturday 8 AM–5 PM (Pacific Time)

Your Next Move

Your Next Move is a personal financial management course approved by the Executive Office for U.S. Trustees to fulfill the requirements for pre-discharge debtor education. Your Next Move was developed to help consumers develop the necessary tools to rebuild after bankruptcy - and start over with a strong foundation in money management and the wise use of credit.