Convenience for our members

LZECU exists solely to serve our members and want you to take advantage of all the convenient services we offer!

Discount Amusement Park Tickets

A benefit of being a valued member at LZECU is being able to enjoy some of the exciting theme parks at a discounted rate.

Avoid standing in line and pick up your discounted tickets to the following parks right at the teller line in our office:

  • Fiesta Texas - Sold out until 2020
  • Splashtown now Six Flags Hurricane Harbor - Closed for the season

Or click the designated link, use the discount code and enjoy the convenience of printing them right from your computer to the following parks:

Don't pay fees of 9% or more elsewhere! Members can cash in their coins at the teller line where it will be run through our coin counting machine for FREE! Take the cash or deposit it right into your account.

Don't want to mess with your direct deposit? No problem! Lubrizol Employees can allocate a specific amount to be deducted from their pay check and applied directly to any of your LZECU accounts including loan payments or kids' accounts. The best part is there's no need to contact HR; we'll set it up for you right in our office!

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers allow members to quickly and securely electronically transfer funds between financial institutions. LZECU accepts incoming wires for $5 and sends outgoing wires for $15. Learn more about wiring instructions and cutoff times.

Western Union Wires

Western Union offers another safe and reliable way to send money. You can use this services to send money for a fee of $20 to any Western Union location across the country, where it can be picked up in minutes by the recipient. 

Money Orders

Get your Money Gram money orders from the tellers for just $1.25 in amounts up to $1,000 each.

Cashier's Checks

We now offer Cashier's Checks for your convenience. At a low cost of just $2 per check, you can purchase these from the teller line to complete your important transactions.

Corporate Checks

A corporate check is similar to a cashier’s check and is widely accepted by corporations and individuals as a reputable means of payment. You can get your corporate check in our office or by mail. Checks made payable to a third party are just $2 and checks made payable to yourself are FREE.
When handling important legal documents such as wills and deeds, you'll often be required to have documents officially notarized. We offer a complete, FREE notary service to our members with no appointments necessary!

Night Depository

LZECU has two secure 24-hour night depositories for your convenience to drop of payments, deposits or other documents. One night depository is located beside our drive-up ATM and the other one at the front entrance to the credit union. Deposits and payments made through the night depository are retrieved and processed each morning at 8:30 A.M. and 10:00 A.M.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a safe and convenient way to have your funds deposited into your account at LZECU.  All you need is your account number and LZECU's routing number - 313080610. If you're unsure of your account number or need a direct deposit authorization letter for your employer please call us at 800-477-LECU.